Bespoke R&D

What we do

New Product Development

In today’s international markets, developing new products, processes and services is one of the most effective ways to give your business that all-important edge on competition. Competing on price and quality is no longer enough as smart customers look at the wider value and benefits of your products and services.
As a highly innovative company ourselves we help you harness the ‘innovative potential’ locked in your business.

We support you on:

We are currently working with both SMEs and Multinationals to produce innovation for greater market capture, competitiveness and asset strength. Please Contact Us to discuss how we can support you.

How to identify new opportunities

Learning to think creatively will enable you to evaluate how your business can best approach innovation, including when to access external expertise.

Finance and tax efficient ways to support innovation

Finance is a key ingredient in the process of developing new ideas. Tax incentives and access to national or local funding with support on writing bids is available from us.


Exploitation of IP; getting the best return from your investment in innovation, identifying the market potential, selecting the right route to market, an understanding your competitors are essential steps.

How to research your ideas

Access specialist knowledge and expertise, provide proof of a market and proof of concept will equip you to commercialise and commit to success.

Manage the innovation process

Managing new opportunities and their challenges demand careful planning, controls, risk management which we can provide through our experience in managing R&D projects.
Protect your ideas: When you develop or invent innovations Intellectual Property (IP) is paramount enabling you to protect your product, process or service.

Common problems and barriers

Technical or commercial problems can often delay or block business innovation and this can be a real frustration for the business. This is where our expertise and experience available to you come to hand ensuring success in a strictly confidential manner.

Technical Support

We have extensive experience and expertise in technical agricultural knowledge and in particular crop nutrition, bio-control products, bacterial and rhizobia products, product formulation and soil sustainable management. Our academic knowledge coupled with practical experience allows effective communication with people from all levels. We efficiently present, inform and train customers and management in technical products, new product development and update on current industry trends, practices and product regulations. Implementation of research activities to farms through the distribution network is our business.

Being experienced in developing innovations and specialty formulations in-house we can inform effectively customers and staff. Customers typically range from farmers to independent agronomists, distributor agronomists, farm traders and research staff. Our technical expertise's strength in certain crops such as potatoes, wheat and vegetables are unique in the market place including south EU cultivations. Working closely we help you identify and evaluate new market opportunities, write technical reports for press and marketing purposes, technical product recommendation and sales support.

Please Contact Us to discuss how we can support you.