At Crop Intellect there are several R&D project under way continously. These range from bio-pesticides, activators for specific plant pathways, discovery of new actives, formulations of fertilisers, biostimulants and equipment to monitor crop health and performance. We work closely with universities, institutes and commercial companies to develop disruptive technologies for agricutlure and the environment. Our goal is to patent inventions and work with partners to commercialise them. Below are a few of our flagship technologies.   

Chlorophyll Increase

An established invention that activates the chlorophyll production mechanism in plants and enabling its formation synergistically. Proven to significantly increase chlorophyll resulting in increased yield, consistent results over 5 years of extensive field trials. Granted patents protect the technology globally and our know-how ensures appropriate use to deliver an attractive return on investment. 

Lock-in Freshness

Understanding the plant cell's functions and reactions to stimuli enables inducing changes that reflect beneficial traits for the fresh produce industry. Our patented invention stimulates a release of calcium from the vacuole into the cytosol and cell wall. This results in strengthened plant cells able to stunt fungal attacks, reduce water loss and increase fruit uniformity and shelf-life.

Turning Pollution Into Plant Feed

We developed a disruptive technology that captures air pollutants and turns them into food for plants. The technology is based on environmental and human benign ingredients. The patent pending invention reduces air pollution and in addition increases crop yield. A formulated product approved for use in agriculture is available for testing. We envisage launch in 2020!