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Technology Calcium TECAL®

Calcium (Ca) is a vital element for plant cell integrity and function. Calcium is taken up by plants passively through

evapotranspiration with water solubility being key. Forms such as Chloride, Sulphate and Carbonate are slightly

dissolvable in water but Nitrate is fully dissolved. When in the plant, it is immobile and usually deposited in the

young tissue due to higher water loss. Cell division and growth dilutes Ca and therefore a constant supply is

essential. When applied in the soil it forms insoluble substances therefore not available, whilst when sprayed on

the foliage or through irrigation it is directly delivered to desirable plant parts.

Ca deficiency is rare in plant tissue and often is due to acidic soil. Typical symptom is young tissue is deformity and toxic effect are nearly never seen however cause deficiency of other elements i.e. P, K, Mg, B, Zn.

Acting as a secondary messenger it is essential for cell signalling and functioning and it is used up to alleviate intracellular oxidative stresses resulting in deficiency which although not visual reduces significantly the potential of the plant for yield and quality.

Technology Explained

Tecal (Technology Calcium) is an innovative Ca product developed by Crop Intellect and proven globally the most technologically advanced in the market. The formulation contains appropriately antagonistic and synergistic elements to Ca such as Mg, Zn and B. It also contains a specialised adjuvant and a safener as it is used in delicate cultivations. All elements are in nitrate form.

Tecal® works by triggering part of the wounding mechanism of the plant which causes a release of Ca from the stores (vacuole contains c. 80% of the Ca in plants). Such release of Ca is common but oscillatory and lasts seconds. The technology incorporates a phytochemical that inhibits reabsorption of released Ca by the vacuole resulting in prolonged Ca residence in the cell space (cytosol). This results in more Ca being deposited in the cell walls and more of the externally applied Ca absorbed inside the cells.

Tecal®’s efficacy results in significant increase of shelf-life, uniformity and size of produce, better cell functioning and alleviation of abiotic and biotic stresses. The increase in marketable yield, quality and shelf-life nominate Tecal® desirable for many cultivable crops.