Bespoke Efficacy Trials


We provide dedicated, professional and bespoke efficacy trials. Specialised in crop nutrition, we offer more than 15 years of experience with academic and practical knowledge. Field and greenhouse trials are offered and are specially designed to your requirements. Our protocols are produced after thorough discussions with you to ensure full evaluation of your product’s performance. All efficacy trials are performed to GEP standards and our service is bespoke to suit your requirements and budget. We also support product development and offer innovations for your products.


Field and Greenhouse Crops

- Winter & Spring Wheat, Winter & Spring Barley, Oil Seed Rape, Potatoes, Sugar Beet and other field crops.

- Greenhouse crops include model crops such as lettuce, radish, tomatoes, peppers and grasses, as well as ornamentals and vegetables.

Our facilities offer a controlled environment in terms of lighting and temperature, providing the opportunity to evaluate your product off season and to scientifically support your product’s claims. This is achieved by selecting suitable measurements to provide evidence for each claim made.


Your analytical requirements are met by in-house equipment (GCMS, Atomic Absorption, HPLC, Photospectroscopy etc.) and with our close collaborations with NRM, Lancrop, STC, Rothamsted Research, Univ. of York, Univ. of Lincoln and other institutes where a special pricelist is secured. We also specialise in evaluating bacterial and mycorrhiza products. Product compatibility tests and tank mixes are performed in-house accustomed to your needs.


A professionally written full report is provided, containing the experimental design, treatment description, statistical analysis of results, discussion and conclusion - including recommendations for product improvement and future work.


With our field trials, we are proactive and respond immediately to seasonal cultivation and growth requirements with a practical approach. We always exert our upmost to exceed customer requirements.


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