PotiZon has been specifically formulated for the potato crop. Strong knowledge of the potato crop requirement and years of experience have produced a unique product. The growth enhancement technology incorporated into PotiZon promotes an enriched and uniform tuber growth and development.


The two activators enclosed have an endophytic mode of action. One promotes rooting to enhance the nutrient uptake and the other to increases the efficiency of Mg and Fe utilisation to keep the canopy green and increase chlorophyll content which increases crop productivity and production of sugars.


The application timing of PotiZon is critical to ensure the anticipated positive results occur.


Foliar application instructions:


Dosage/Rate, Water volume

Shake well before use! Maximum dose 15lt per hectare at a time for well-developed crops with a minimum of 200lt of water. For further agronomic advice on using PotiZon please contact Crop Intellect Ltd.


Potatoes: 2-3lt/ha at GS 29-32 (5-7 basal side shoots – 20% of plants meet between rows), 5-7lt/ha between GS 36-39 (60% of plants meet between rows – complete crop cover/tuber initiation) and 4-6lt/ha between GS 42-45 (20% tuber mass – 50%tuber mass). (use BBCH Monograph - http://www.jki.bund.de/index.php?id=1075&q=bbch)


Compatibility/Tank mix

It is essential to test compatibility in a jar before placing in spraying tank due to the variety of product formulations available. Please contact Crop Intellect for specific product compatibility.


Guaranteed minimum content:

Nitrogen 16% w/v, K2O 4%, Sulphur 3.5% w/v, Mg 3.4% w/v, Mn 0.5% w/v, incl. w/v Fe 0.3%, B 0.3%, Zn 0.3%, Cu 0.1%, Mo 0.01%, Ni (Trace), Amino Acids 2.8% + Crop Intellect’s Activators



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