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lGnite is a unique crop nutrition product with specially designed formulation to provide efficient uptake of nutrients. A patent pending technology is incorporated to significantly increase Mg and Fe utilisation enhancing photosynthetic rate resulting in increased sugar production turned into yield.


The formulation is designed to provide a well-balanced supply of crop nutrients with nitrogen (N) chemically stabilised to reduce the conversion on the leaf from ammonium to nitrate resulting in a greater and prolonged supply of N by foliar absorption.


The technology contained enhances root mass production, which reduces the hormonal effect of N towards excessive height through balancing the growth regulating cytokinins. These benefits are observed throughout the crop’s growing cycle and result in measurable yield and quality increase.


Foliar application instructions:


Dosage/Rate, Water volume

Shake well before use! Maximum dose 10lt per hectare at a time for well-developed crops with a minimum of 200lt of water. For further agronomic advice on using iGnite contact Crop Intellect Ltd.


Cereals: 2-4lt/ha between growth stage (GS) 23-29 (3-9 tillers), 6-8lt/ha between GS 33-38 (third node detectable – visible flag leaf) and 4-6lt/ha between GS 55-65 (ear emerging –flowering) (use HGCA guide on GS)


Oil Seed Rape: 2-3lt/ha between GS 16-19 (6-9 leaves unfolded), 4-6lt/ha between GS 32-38 (2-8 internode), 4-6lt/ha between GS 58-63 (visible flower buds – opening flowers)(use BBCH Monograph -


Sugar Beet: 2-3lt/ha at GS 17-31 (7 true leaves – 10% ground cover), 4-6lt/ha at GS 33-34 (30-40% ground cover) and 4-6lt/ha at GS 36-39 (60-90% ground cover)


Grassland: 2-3lt/ha after spring growth has started

and repeat as required to support crop growth.


Compatibility/Tank mix

It is essential to test compatibility in a jar before placing in spraying tank due to the variety of product formulations available. Please contact Crop Intellect for specific product compatibility.


Guaranteed minimum content:

Nitrogen 15% w/v, Sulphur 3.5% w/v, Mg 2% w/v, Mn 0.5% w/v, incl. in w/v Fe 0.3%, B 0.3%, Zn 0.3%, Cu 0.1%, Mo 0.01%


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