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Cropearnicus is a specialty formulation based on stabilised phosphite and contains a complete nutrition package to increase plant tolerance to diseases, environmental stresses and achieve high yields. The composition of Cropearnicus activates the immune system response of plants and promotes rooting.


Phosphite stabilisation is crucial as phosphite turns into phosphate in the sprayer tank. Cropearnicus contains a stabilised phosphite formulated to remain the required form when mixed in the water tank and together with other products.  


Treated plants are prepared to tolerate adverse condition by having the jasmonic pathway switched on. This reduces the response time to naturally resist diseases and promotes rooting for an improved resource capture. The balanced nutrient content of the formulation alleviates deficiencies which have the potential to reduce yield even when not visible.



Foliar application instructions:


Typical application to broad acre crops is 1-2 lt/ha. For any other crop please contact us.


EC Fertiliser

Guaranteed minimum content (w/v):

Nitrogen 6.5% (N), Phosphorus 14.4% (P2O5), Potassium 3.3% (K2O), Sulphur 4.2%, Fe 0.6%, MgO 2.6%, Mn 1.3%, Cu 1.4%, Zn 0.6%, B 0.2%

Contains Seaweed & Crop Intellect’s Activators


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