Ca Uptake

Calcium (Ca) is vital for plant cell integrity. Acting as a secondary messenger it is essential for plant cell signalling and functioning and necessary for the reduction of intracellular oxidative stresses. Ca is immobile in plants and used up to alleviate stresses resulting in deficiency which although not visual, reduce significantly the potential of the plant for yield and quality. The integrated technology (patent pending) for intracellular calcium absorption acts by activating a pathway of the plant's wounding mechanism. It works synergistically by blocking the inhibition of Ca absorption by cellular substances and by increasing the cytosolic Ca which is redeposited in the plant’s calcium stores including the vacuole. Tecal effectively increases Ca content in plant tissue resulting in strengthening plant cell walls and increases tolerance to abiotic and biotic stresses. This results in significant improvement of the produce uniformity, shelf life and quality. This technology is contained in the product TECAL (Technology Calcium).


Calcium nitrate Control Treated



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